Invention of paper

Price per 1000 sheets:

Price =
weight per 1000 sheets x price per tonne


Price per tonne:

Price =

price per 1000 sheets x 1000
Weight per 1000 sheets


Number of sheets for a job:

Total =

number of printed pages of job x copies required x
(100 x % overs)
number of printed pages per sheet x 100

Weight of a given number of sheets in kg:

Weight =

sheet length (m) x sheet width (m) x gsm x number of sheets

Grammage of a sheet of paper in gsm:

Grammage =

weight (kg) x 1000
Sheet length (m) x sheet width (m) x number of sheets

Weight of a job in grammes:

Weight =

number of printed pages x length of page (m) x
width of page (m) x gsm

Repeat for each type of paper then add the totals.

Linear metres on a reel:

Length =

weight in kg x 1000
Gsm x width in metres


Length =

p (R-r) (R+r) x 100
Thickness in microns


where R= radius of reel in cm and r= outside radius of core in cm.