Invention of paper

Nicholas-Louis Robert
In 1798, the Frenchman Nicholas-Louis Robert (1761-1828) invented a prototype of a machine on which paper was formed on a continuous sheet of wire cloth. However, Robert was never able to realize any money for his invention, since his he was not able to obtain a comprehensive patent.

The Fourdrinier Brothers
The Fourdriniers invested up to 60,000 pounds on the development of the machine invented by Robert, but they received no royalties because of an error in their patent. They did gain some recognition, however, as most modern paper machines are referred to as "fourdrinier" machines.

Bryan Donkin
He was the only person who gained financial security from his work on the paper machine; by 1851, he had designed a total of 191 machines, including 83 for British mills, 105 for Europe, one for India, and two for the United States.