Invention of paper
Teach kids to make their own paper-at home
Papermaking process


Make two small wooden frames the same size. (About 15 cm x 15 cm)


Staple a wire screen to one frame. This is called the mold.


Tear or shred a newspaper (or a mixture of various papers) into small pieces and soak for 5 minutes. Add soap. Beat in a blender, until the mixture is smooth and creamy, and no small pieces of paper can be seen.


Put the pulped paper in a sink. Hold the mold, screen side up and place the empty frame (the deckle) on top.


Raise the frame up slowly from the sink filled with pulped paper and let the water drain.


Remove the top frame and place a paper towel blotter gently on top of the screen side. Sponge the screen dry.


Lift the frame gently. The new paper should stay on the cloth. Iron medium heat. This quick recycle papermaking method makes new grey sheets. Whiter waste paper will make a brighter sheet. Vegetable dyes can be used to add color and designs to the paper.

12. Dry your hands. Iron or use a hair dryer on medium heat to dry. This step should be supervised for children less than 16 year of age. Make sure that your electrical connections are properly earthed, and that you are standing on dry surface.