Invention of paper
Papermaking today is one of the five most capital-intensive manufacturing sectors worldwide, which spends large sums of money to the development and construction of newer and more efficient equipment and processes. A large integrated paper machine can cost in excess of 1 billion US Dollars.

It is estimated that in a year, people read over 1.9 billion magazines, 3.9 billion books, and 41 billion newspapers worldwide - all printed on paper. Children play with paper masks and paper kites. Your ticket to a movie is made out of paper, even the batteries in your TV remote control contain paper, and so does your television itself.

Thanks to computers, which were once expected to make ours a paperless society, we now generate even more paper than ever before. Our money, marriage certificates, most documents, which literally govern our lives, are made out of paper. Corrugated board is used to ship 95% of all manufactured goods (even paper itself!) and is much lighter and more recyclable than the wooden crates of yesteryear. Although we frequently take it for granted, it's hard to imagine what our lives might be like without Paper!