Mr. W.M. Sayid
Chairman and the pioneer of Papermaking in Pakistan. Mr. Sayid is probably senior most paper maker in Pakistan, having studied Papermaking from the UK in for five years from 1957-1962. He began the quiet revolution of Papermaking in Pakistan with the introduction of mini-mill concept in early 1960’s, and the use of Agricultural wheat straw for production of bleached paper, test liner and board. Mr. Sayid pioneered the production of Printing Paper, Test Liner, Kraft Liner, Box Board, Fluting in various mills for the first time in Pakistan, based on wheat straw/kai grass at the following mills:

A study conducted by United Nations in 1988 on industrial sector in Pakistan observed W.M. Sayid (Pvt) Ltd. To be “The most efficient paper/board mill in Pakistan”
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Mr. Aizad H. Sayid
Chief Executive. He holds Master's degrees in Management and Marketing. Mr. Aizad Sayid has been involved with the paper industry since 1989, having begun his first work assignment at W.M. Sayid (Pvt) Ltd. He believes that the continuous introduction of different product attributes and combinations in manufacturing and products is the key towards achieving sustainable growth in a competitive environment. Many of his unique product/marketing techniques that are now being copied by most paper/board manufacturers in Pakistan. Mr. Aizad Sayid has also taught MBA keystone courses at various colleges and universities in Pakistan as a part time hobby, published various articles in business/economic journals, and served as external PhD examiner for Punjab University. He has extensively read most of the books/current research articles written since 1986 on papermaking. As the Chairman of Pakistan Paper and Board Manufacturers Association (RPBA) since 2003, he has advised the Federal Government in various policy matters in his official capacity. The member mills have posted substantial revenue and federal tax growth since then. He also provides free technical consultation to various mills all over Pakistan, and is the author of a comprehensive report on Tariff Rationalization in post WTO scenario.
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Mr. Faisal Sayid
Technical Director. He completed his bachelor's degree in electronics engineering from The George Washington University, USA after which he proceeded to complete his Master's degree in Communication Engineering from Imperial College, U.K. Mr. Faisal Sayid has excelled at various work opportunities. He was initially involved in the designing of communication and telemetry systems for the successful launching of NASDA Satellite in Japan during 1992-93, and worked for NESPAK for two years in early 1990’s. Mr. Faisal M. Sayid has implemented creative ideas that enhanced production, standardization and has created and sustained unparalleled levels of efficiency at W.M. Sayid (Pvt) Ltd. and at Sayid Paper Mills (Pvt) Ltd. from 1995 onwards, which are considered to be the benchmark by most paper manufacturers in Pakistan. He has also set up and run the first Deinked pulp (Prime Grade Paper) facility in Pakistan, at SPML in 2000.
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Mr. Parvez Bhatti
SPPManager.Mr. Bhatti has been involved in Papermaking since 1960. He holds a B.Sc degree in chemical Engineering from University of Punjab. Mr. Bhatti has worked at numerous Paper Mills as Mill Manager and Supervisor of Stock Preparation. He has been involved with SPML since 1995.
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Mr. Mahmood Chaudhry
Head of Finance & Accounting department of SPML. Mr. Mahmood Chaudhry began his professional career began in National Construction in 1983. He then moved to Airport development agency in Saudi Arabia as Manager Accounts. He came back to Pakistan in 1987 and worked at Kawasaki Motors (Pakistan) till 1998, prior to joining Sayid Paper Mills.
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